Why artisan cheese?

We make artisan cheese because we believe that small batches and traditional recipes yield the best cheese.

Where is Acme?

Acme is a small town in western Washington ninety miles north of Seattle on Highway 9.

How should cheese be stored?

Cheese needs to breath. Cheese paper works best for preserving cheese but wax, parchment or butcher paper will also work. It is also a good idea to use new paper each time the cheese is rewrapped. Freezing cheese is not a good idea. It is best kept around forty degrees Fahrenheit.

Are your cheeses made with pasteurized milk?


Do you offer tours?

We do not offer tours of our facility. Cheese making requires a sterile environment and from a food safety standpoint we feel it is best that our facility remain closed to the public. For a look at our work environment visit our Facebook and Instagram pages.

Should I eat the rind?

Soft ripened cheeses such as our Petit Brie and Camembert are typically eaten rind and all. The decision to eat cheese with or without rind is typically based on flavor and texture preferences.

Does your milk contain rBST?